Rental Policy

The following Rental Policy outlines policy and procedures governing the rental of the South Sound Manor and its use.  Should there be any questions please contact the South Sound Manor.

Other Vendors

  • All outside vendors (Catering, DJ/Band, Photographer, etc.) must provide proof of insurance of at least $1,000,000.

Alcohol Policy


  • Include any time you may need for decorating and removal of decorations in your rental time.
  • No tacks.  Use only painters tape.  No glitter toss or confetti in the Logan room. 
  • Candles are only permitted if they are in a non-flammable container taller than the flame.
  • No furniture may be moved outside or from room to room.
  • All decorations must be removed before leaving.
  • Linens, chair covers & dishes may be rented from the South Sound Manor.

Rental Equipment & Tents

  • Delivery is to be scheduled with the vendor and South Sound Manor.
  • All rental items (except tents) must be taken down and returned to the garage for storage before leaving.
  • Pick-up for all rental items (including tents) must be scheduled no later than the next day.

Tent Policy

  • If tents with portable heat are to be used, a fire department permit is required.

Kitchen Use

  • No charge for the kitchen for “staging” (using like a small room without stove, dishwasher, etc.)
  • Refrigerator is always available at no cost, but all food must be removed at the end of event.
  • Must rent the kitchen for use of the stove to cook or warm food.
  • Must rent the kitchen for use of the dishwasher.
  • Plates, silverware, glasses, wine glasses, coffee cups & saucers, are available for rent through the South Sound Manor.
  • South Sound Manor does not provide any cookware or serving dishes.


  • Beverages and food are to be limited to the non-carpeted areas only; EXTRA DEPOSIT WILL APPY.
  • No rice, spray string, shaving cream, or glitter or confetti (in carpeted area).
  • DJ’s and all other vendors shall not drink alcohol.
  • Music to be turned down by 10:00 pm as required by ordinance.

Electrical Provisions

  • 20 amp electrical outlets are available for clients use.
  • Clients are to identify electrical needs before the event – musical groups, DJ’s, espresso carts, outdoor lighting, food service, signage, etc.

Damages & Security

  • You are responsible for any damages to premises.
  • All personal property shall be removed for the premises at completion of the rental.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Security – no security is provided.

Clean up

  • Client is responsible to remove all of their belongings including food, rental items and decorations.

South Sound Manor will take care of garbage, sweeping, mopping, etc.